Kashmir Observer
The story of the Kashmir Observer for the 14 years of its existence is one of resilience in the face of heavy odds, and success in surmounting the many challenges to journalistic integrity.
In that span the paper has navigated a sea of political instability, logistical nightmares and misplaced perceptions. Steadfast in the face of these considerable pressures, Kashmir Observer has in return earned a loyal readership and a reputation for integrity. 
Published daily in the mornings from capital Srinagar, Kashmir Observer reaches to every corner of Kashmir through a wide network of its hawkers and agents.

Kashmir Observer Online
Kashmir Observer Online is the global face of the daily Kashmir Observer on the internet. However, Kashmir Observer Online has carved its own niche brand equity and is one of the highest-hit media websites about Kashmir. Apart from focusing on news from the Kashmir region and the South Asian sub-continent, it also provides many value-added and interactive features which are exclusive to the Online edition.
Kashmir Observer Online remains the main source of news and information for vast Kashmiri diaspora, intending tourists, business leaders, diplomats, journalists and all those interested in India-Pakistan affairs.

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