Kashmir Observer Foundation (R)

Kashmir Observer Foundation(R)

Kashmir is prone to natural disasters. Each year, the state experiences hundreds of landslides, tremors and earthquakes, and scores of avalanches.

In September 2014, intense rains caused severe flooding and landslides that were unprecedented in intensity and extent. Vast areas of Kashmir were devastated.

The total magnitude of the horrendous destruction and the number of dead and missing may not be known for quite some time. 

Officials say at least 300 people were killed and hundreds of houses were destroyed.

Livelihood of tens of thousands was lost as businesses and farms were washed away by the ravaging flood waters.

In a spontaneous show of solidarity, people joined hands and formed rescue and relief teams thus saving thousands of lives.

But as has been seen, most people tend to forget long-term rehabilitation once they have provided relief support after a disaster. 

Now that the flood waters have receded, the long and arduous task of rebuilding the lives and assets destroyed by the tragedy has begun.

Thousands of people continue to live in temporary shelters or with neighbours and relatives. Reconstructing homes and rebuilding lives will take years.

So we must not be complacent, nor relax our efforts. We need to keep up the spirit displayed during the initial days of the disaster, in order to rebuild the shattered lives, get people back on their feet and earn a living again, and get hundreds of thousands of children back in to education.



  • Help the homeless rebuild their homes
  • Help children to go back to schools
  • Help sick to get uninterrupted medical care
  • Help farmers to go back to their farms
  • Help small traders to resume their work



Help homeless to prepare a shelter before the onset of winter so that they can restart their lives.

For those whose homes were destroyed or partially damaged we provide:

  1. Part of the building material like corrugated roof tin sheets, cement, sand and bricks.
  2. Matting, bedding, utensils, text books etc



Help people in rural areas to earn a living by providing skills training, as well as farming tools, vegetable seeds, fertiliser, animals and animal stock feed besides veterinary services to avoid further loss of animals and dependency on food aid for the next one year.



  • Free specialized medical care and medicines to the elderly sick for the next six months of winter period.
  • Health and hygiene education on how to avoid potentially fatal diseases for around one million people;



  • Help thousands of children by repairing schools damaged by the floods and providing  temporary facilities for children whose schools have been destroyed.



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